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Desmond Tutu

"Desmond Tutu has been a blessing and inspiration to countless people, here and abroad, through his ministry; his acts of compassion; his prophetic witness; and his political engagement." Nelson Mandela

For the portrait, Tutu dances on stage next to a ballerina's tutu, seemingly suspended in mid-air, like a magician performing a magic trick. The image - two tutus side by side - conveys the message that the world needs another Tutu. It aims to encourage everyone to follow, in some way, in his remarkable footsteps and embodies his playful yet thoughtful traits that the world has come to know and love.

Says Steirn: "He got up on the stage, danced around the tutu - he almost broke the tutu and he had all of us in stitches of laughter. I think that's his magic. He makes every single person around him feel better about themselves."