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Sophia Williams
De Bruyn

"Ms Sophia Williams De Bruyn is a living legend of the South African liberation struggle, who has contributed immensely to the dismantling of Apartheid." Woman of Distinction, 2005: Sophia Williams De Bruyn:

Sophia Williams De Bruyn, photographed by Adrian Steirn, is shown kneeling in the gardens of the Union Buildings in Pretoria while holding a bible. The portrait, shot on the location of the women's march that took place on August 9, 1956, is inspired by the plan the women had on that day should the police have tried to arrest them: to kneel down in prayer.

"You meet Sophia, and she's gentle, she's warm, but we really did need a portrait that reflects the quiet strength, the dignity, the passion and the courage of what she did," says Steirn.